Who We Are

ETD Center has established in 2013 to provide integrated solutions in training & business development sector through using modern methods in the organizational and administrative development provided by international accredited experts and trainers in specialized sectors in order to satisfy our clients’ desire in having a professional training environment, based on constant update with the highest level of quality and Excellency.

Our Vision:

Is to be the best center in training & business development sector in Africa and the Middle East, to provide integrated solutions that correspond our clients’ requirements with high professionalism.

Our Mandate:

We work together toward Excellency.

Our commitment:

We are giving you the best to the worthy.

Our message:

Providing integrated solutions in training & business development sector that correspond our clients’ demands in professional training environment, with high level of professionalism and Excellency.

Teamwork Spirit: We work together as one family to guarantee achieving the goals that ETD and its staff and clients are working to achieve.

Creativity: brain storming is our method to be special in our performance.

Professionalism: the accumulation of our abilities as team is our base to achieve the highest level of morals and professionalism.

Customer satisfaction: we aim to provide scientific and integrated solutions and helping in applying it more than the client’s expectations with high privacy.

Excellency: we make deference in service quality, the training programs continents and the accreditations type according to the international standers.

We are not like the others, we are deferent and better. To be the pioneers in our sector by mobilizing our working team efforts that faces challenges professionally.

ETD Center provides his services within the following sectors:

1.Human Recourses Development

2.Professional Diplomas

3.Business Development