No.Training ProgramsHoursDays
1Project Management Professional35 Hours11 Days
2Marketing & Sales Management25 Hours06 Days
3Human Resource Management25 Hours06 Days
4Talents Management25 Hours06 Days
5Total Quality Management25 Hours06 Days
No.Training ProgramsHoursDays
1Human Resource Management Systems25 Hours06 Days
2Human Resources Planning25 Hours06 Days
3Manpower Planning25 Hours06 Days
4Analysis and Job Description25 Hours06 Days
5Analysis and Job Classification25 Hours06 Days
6Analysis and Job Evaluation25 Hours06 Days
7Human Resources Development25 Hours06 Days
8Manpower Development25 Hours06 Days
9Human Performance Improvement25 Hours06 Days
10Training Needs Analysis25 Hours06 Days
11Training Needs Identify25 Hours06 Days
12Prepare Training Plans & Budgets25 Hours06 Days
13Preparing Training Paths25 Hours06 Days
14Training of Trainers25 Hours06 Days
15Effective Training Skills25 Hours06 Days
16Interactive Training Techniques25 Hours06 Days
17Authorized Professional Instructor25 Hours06 Days
18Measuring ROI of Training25 Hours06 Days
19Evaluate Employees Competencies25 Hours06 Days
20Develop Employees Competencies25 Hours06 Days
No.Training ProgramsHoursDays
1Career Development40 Hours11 Days
2Team Building15 Hours03 Days
3Creative Leadership for Teamwork15 Hours04 Days
4Creativity & Innovative Thinking15 Hours04 Days
5Leadership Excellence15 Hours04 Days
6Decision-Making & Problem-Solving15 Hours04 Days
7Effective Negotiation Skills15 Hours04 Days
8Effective Supervisions Skills15 Hours04 Days
9Effective Communication Skills15 Hours04 Days
10Presentation Skills15 Hours04 Days
11Effective Report Writing Skills15 Hours04 Days
12Meeting Management15 Hours04 Days
13Change Management15 Hours04 Days
14Executive Secretarial15 Hours04 Days
15Excellence in Customer Service15 Hours04 Days
16Preparation of Marketing Plans15 Hours04 Days
No.Training ProgramsHoursDays
1Strategic Leadership40 Hours10 Days
2Strategic Management40 Hours10 Days
3Strategic Plan Formulation25 Hours06 Days
4Strategic Planning for Institutions25 Hours06 Days
5Strategic Planning for Organizations25 Hours06 Days
6Strategic Planning for Human Resources25 Hours06 Days
7Strategic Planning for Marketing & Sales25 Hours06 Days
8Strategic Planning for Public Relations25 Hours06 Days
9Strategic Planning for Media25 Hours06 Days
10Strategic Planning for IT25 Hours06 Days
No.Training ProgramsHoursDays
1Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management100 Hours25 Days
2Professional Diploma in Total Quality Management100 Hours25 Days
3Professional Diploma in Knowledge Management100 Hours25 Days
4Professional Diploma in Strategic Management100 Hours25 Days
5Professional Diploma in Project Management100 Hours25 Days